Identity Theft Protection

With Allstate, you will get 24/7 online security for you and your family at a reduced rate, negotiated by Waters. Protection includes full-time service, support, and safeguards against online threats through:

  • Scanning, analysis, and elimination of risk
  • Protection of financial, personal, and medical data
  • Monitoring of peer-to-peer file sharing on social media networks
  • Protection against child predators and cyberbullying
  • Identity theft scanning, advanced privacy tools, and alerts for data exposure
Employee only$4.59/paycheck ($119.34 annual)
Employee + spouse/partner$8.29/paycheck ($215.54 annual)
Employee + children$8.29/paycheck ($215.54 annual)
Family$8.29/paycheck ($215.54 annual)

For additional details, go to the Library of, call 800-789-2720, or visit