Critical Illness Insurance and Accident Insurance

Health insurance will help you pay for a number of health expenses. But if you are sick or injured, a number of other expenses may need to be covered as well. Expenses like:

  • Lodging to be near a sick spouse or child
  • Paying for day care when a spouse or partner is injured and can’t care for your children
  • Someone to prepare meals, clean the house, or even walk the dog
  • Mortgage payments, car payments, the phone bill, cable…

Critical Illness Insurance and Accident Insurance are voluntary plans that pay a cash benefit you can use to cover those expenses that surface because of a new illness or injury.


The cash you receive can be used for anything you need. It’s yours, without restrictions. And it’s tax free.

If you leave Waters, for whatever reason, you can still keep the coverage.

Waters has negotiated lower rates than you may find independently.

Depositing Funds

Money is deducted from your paycheck AFTER federal taxes have been taken out.

Plan Administrator

These plans are administered by Colonial Life, or Paul Revere in New York.

The Waters Colonial and Paul Revere benefit contact is Bryan Lambert.

You can reach him at, or (617) 423-0062.

You can find more details on these plans in the Library