Fitness Savings

Waters offers free or reduced cost access to fitness centers and weight loss programs.

Waters also offers all global employees free access to a Virtual Fitness and Well-being program offering access to both live and on-demand recorded fitness classes 24/7.  Email for information.

There are no-cost (or very-low-cost), on-site facilities available at Waters locations in:

  • Milford, Massachusetts
  • TA’s New Castle
  • ERA, Colorado
  • and others

If you belong to your own gym, or participate in a weight loss program, there is a Fitness/Weight Loss Benefit available through Waters. Contact, or call 1-508-482-2641, in Milford, for details.

Aetna offers you discounts as well.

Visit for additional details. Last, but not least, there are additional discounts to fitness centers and other well-being services on our Discount Marketplace called BenefitHub. Read more HERE.