Medical Experts by Teladoc

Waters offers all US employees–and their immediate family members living in their household–access to an independent and unbiased service called Teladoc Medical Experts, formerly known as the Best Doctors program. This service is free to you, and your personal usage of this service is not shared with Waters.

A Message From Waters

This program can help you find the best specialist for your condition.

Medical Experts by Teladoc can also connect you to world-renowned medical experts who ensure you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan. It’s like a free second opinion by an expert that doctors themselves would want to peer review their analysis and suggestions.

Research has shown that accessing Medical Experts significantly improves the quality of care you receive by ensuring that you have the right diagnosis and are receiving the right treatment. In fact, results show that more than 20% of cases reviewed by Medical Experts have a change in diagnosis and more than 60% have a change in treatment.

To access this service, call 1-800-385-2362, or go to the Medical Experts website.